Clos San Quilico

Clos San Quilico, an independent winery whose wines are certified organic, stretches over 35 hectares of hillsides between ocean and mountains in the Patrimonio appellation, the oldest and most recognized in Corsica.

The vineyard dates back to the 18th century, when the winery was built, and its terroir and climate were already renowned. Restructured in 1989 by the Orenga de Gaffory and Piazza-Alessandrini families, it is now committed to a winemaking approach that aims to produce expressive and lively wines.

The vines grow on the slopes of the mountain range that extends from Cape Corsica. Their roots plunge deeply into the limestone soil, typical of Patrimonio, which is here veined with schist for an even greater minerality of the wines. They benefit from the micro-climate created by the fresh air coming down from the mountains and the marine influence of the Gulf of Saint Florent. They are thus naturally protected from disease and can reach a good level of maturity without the wines losing their freshness.

Clos San Quilico cultivates Patrimonio’s signature grape varieties: nielluciu, vermentinu and muscat petits-grains.

The vines are pruned and ploughed in the traditional way without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides so that the grapes can naturally express this exceptional terroir.

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