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The Basics

Ordering Private Import Wines

What is a private import wine ?

In Quebec, the SAQ provides a means for restaurants and individuals to have access to wines that are not available in its network through private import. This system allows agencies which hold the proper permit, such as Les 2 Raisins, to order wines for its customers. The SAQ diligently oversees this process – it handles shipping, storage and distribution of the wine, and it sets prices.

How does ordering private import wines work, exactly ?

Ordering private import wines through Les 2 Raisins is very easy. With our online store, you can browse products and place your order. Private import wines must generally be ordered in cases of 6 or 12 bottles. This information is clearly indicated in the online store.

We will then contact you to confirm the information provided and process your order. The wine will be delivered in an SAQ store near you within 10 days. You will pay for the wine at the SAQ as you would any other wine upon order pick up.

To process your order, Les 2 Raisins charge an administration fee of $2 to $3 per bottle (see the online store for details) This fee is payable upon order by Interac transfer, credit card or Pay Pal. We will provide payment details when we contact you to confirm your order.

How do you establish prices for your wines ? Are they more expensive than at the SAQ ?

The SAQ sets prices for the wines imported by Les 2 Raisins into Quebec. The agency only sets its order administration fees. Les 2 Raisins’ fees are among the lowest in comparison to other agencies in Quebec.

Private import wines are not available in the SAQ.

How long does it take to receive my order of private import wine ?

If the wine is in stock (we will advise you if it is not before processing your order), your wine should arrive at the SAQ store near you within 10 days maximum.

During my travels I discovered a wine that is not available here in Quebec. Can I order it through Les 2 Raisins ?

We invite you to visit our online store to browse the list of wines represented by Les 2 Raisins. These are almost always available. If the wine you are looking for is not part of our portfolio, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

How do I find out more about your wines before ordering them ?

Our online store provides useful information about all of our products, such as a brief description, food pairing recommendations, as well as the awards and accolades they have received. You can also learn about the people behind the wines in the Our Producers section of the site.

We are of course also there to help. Do not hesitate to contact us!