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Les 2 Raisins Wine Club

L2R Select

Become a member for free and enjoy discounts, privileges and wine exclusives

An already successful initiative that will continue to evolve!

The idea of ​​a wine club within the agency had been on our minds for some time, but it is in 2020, with the break due to the now infamous pandemic, that we were able to explore the project more seriously, notably with a survey carried out among our followers.

It is therefore with great excitement that we launched Club L2R Select in the Fall 2020. The club proved a success under the very attentive care of our colleague Claire Dumais, thanks to the exclusive wines and other privileges that we make available to those who do us the honour of joining. Already a great value added for members, the structure that we put in place will allow us to continue to increase the services and benefits offered to them over time.

Discover the benefits and operating details of L2R Select below!

Becoming a member has many advantages!

L2R Select is a wine club by Les 2 Raisins. By becoming a member, you will enjoy numerous privileges, including:

  • Discounts on certain wines
  • Award-winning wines acclaimed by critics or winners of competitions
  • Exclusive wines reserved for members
  • Priority access to Les 2 Raisins events
  • Access to webinars with producers, presentations and workshops
  • And much more!

How does the Club work?

It’s very simple! To become a member, you must:

  • Be of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in your province of residence.
  • Complete the registration form by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Membership is free and can be cancelled at anytime after one year.

What am I committing to as a member?

As a member of the Club L2R Select, every 3 months you will receive one case of 6 bottles at a discounted price (no agency fee – you will pay between $25 and $30 per bottle on average).

The complete membership terms and conditions are outlined below and in the registration form.

Show me the membership terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of membership – Les 2 Raisins L2R SELECT Wine Club


1. Membership in the Club L2R Select (hereinafter “the Club”) starts as soon as you receive confirmation of registration by Les 2 Raisins.

2. Membership in the Club will remain valid until the member cancels his/her membership by contacting Les 2 Raisins as indicated in Article 4 below. Notwithstanding, the member agrees to remain a member of the Club for at least one year.

3. By virtue of his/her membership in the Club, the member agrees to accept and pay the following wine shipments, which cannot be cancelled:
3.1. For the membership level “Amateur”, one case of 6 bottles every 3 months at an average price that will vary between $25 and $30 per bottle.

4. After one year, the member may cancel his/her membership by informing Les 2 Raisins by email. This cancellation notice must be received by Les 2 Raisins at least 15 days before the delivery date of next Club shipment planned under the terms of this agreement. Otherwise, the member will have to accept and pay for the said shipment, and membership will be cancelled after reception and payment of the said shipment by the member.

5. The member is responsible for advising Les 2 Raisins of any changes to his/her contact information (email, address, telephone number) or selected SAQ store for order pick-up.


6. There are no membership fees for the Club.


7. No agency fees will apply to the Club shipments planned under article 3 of the terms and conditions. This constitutes one of the Club’s membership privileges.

8. For any additional orders above and beyond the Club shipments planned under article 3 of the terms and conditions, the usual agency fees of Les 2 Raisins will apply to these orders, as per the sales terms outlined on the agency’s website.


9. Pick up and payment of Club shipments will be made according to the terms of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) for private import orders.

10. The SAQ has designated specific stores across all Quebec regions where private orders can be picked up. Les 2 Raisins will assign the member the SAQ store nearest to his/her address for shipment pick up, or any other designated store selected by the member.

11. Payment of Club shipments and additional orders (with the exception of agency fees, if any fees apply) is made in the SAQ store upon pick up. Methods of payment are those accepted by the SAQ for instore purchases.

12. For information purposes, when picking up an order at an SAQ store, the member must provide the order number or the email notice for the order pick up. The identity and age of the person picking up the order will be verified with one of the following pieces of identification: driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, citizenship card or any other valid form of photo ID issued by a government authority.

13. For information purposes, the SAQ does not award INSPIRE points on private import orders.


14. Unclaimed orders result in restocking fees for Les 2 Raisins. Should a member not pick up an order at the SAQ within the delays prescribed by the SAQ, Les 2 Raisins will charge the member a fee of $25 plus taxes per case of wine.


15. A faulty wine purchased through private import may be returned to the SAQ for a refund with proof of purchase. Please refer to the SAQ refund and exchange policy for more information.


16. Members must reside in Quebec, or be able to pick up their orders in Quebec.

17. Members must be of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in their province of residence.


18. Les 2 Raisins commits to protect the confidentiality of the information disclosed by the member and to use it only for the purposes of processing orders with the SAQ or communicating with the member. The data collected from surveys, contests or promotions, if not gathered anonymously, will be used only to determine the member’s profile and needs, and will not under any circumstances be shared with any third party.


19. Les 2 Raisins will contact the member by using the email address provided when registering to the Club. The member is responsible for advising Les 2 Raisins of any changes to his/her email address.

20. Any question or notice from the member must be addressed to:
Claire Dumais
Manager of Club L2R Select

The wines you will receive

For each shipment, you will have the choice between two to four wines carefully selected by Les 2 Raisins, including award-winning wines and wines reserved exclusively for members. Each selection will provide options for at least one white wine and one red wine.

Options for the next shipments are indicated in the Registration Form.

I want to join!

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