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Looking for An Agent in Canada ?

What markets does Les 2 Raisins service?

Les 2 Raisins imports wines for Quebec and Ontario, the two largest provinces in Canada.

In these two markets, the alcohol industry is governed by state-run monopolies, i.e. the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) et the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). Our portfolio presently includes wines and spirits from Europe and the USA.

We can sell the products we import through one of two channels:
1) D
irectly to restaurants and individuals, through a channel called “Private Import” (Quebec only).
2) In SAQ/LCBO stores, which manage all the retail sale outlets in our market. These monopolies use a very competitive calls for proposals process to select the products for their stores.

What type of winery does Les 2 Raisins seek to represent?

We are interested in representing wineries which do not already have an agent in Quebec or Ontario and which suit our identity, namely:

  • We represent human-scale wineries which produce quality wines. We seek partners with whom we can develop a personalized, trusting business relationship.
  • We represent wineries whose practices are sustainable and respect the environment.
  • We represent products that we like and that we would buy ourselves.
  • We must of course also consider business imperatives such as:
  • The product must address a need in our market, either with restaurants or with the SAQ/LCBO’s retail market.
  • The SAQ/LCBO favour wines which have received positive reviews by Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, James Suckling, Decanter, Wine Advocate and the likes. For restaurants this criteria is not as important, but if you have received such reviews it is relevant information for us.

How does a collaboration with Les 2 Raisins work?

Here is how we work with potential winery partners:

  • Wineries send us their price list for export.
  • We analyze the list to determine if the wines could be competitively-priced in our market.
  • If we see a potential, we request samples from the winery, which we taste with a small panel.
  • If the product aligns well with our clients’ needs and our identity, and if the ingredients for a mutually-beneficial partnership are there, we place an order.
  • We also place a lot of importance on eventually meeting with the people behind the wines to learn more about how they work and to validate if there is good chemistry between us.

Purchasing process in our market

  • By law, in Quebec and Ontario only the SAQ/LCBO can sell alcohol. Regardless of if the product will be sold through the SAQ/LCBO stores or directly to restaurants/individuals by Les 2 Raisins, the SAQ/LCBO purchase the product, arrange pick up and transport, and store the product in their warehouses once it arrives in Canada.
  • The SAQ/LCBO also determine the sales price using a predetermined formula based on various factors, including the export price.
  • Upon reception of the product, the SAQ/LCBO pay suppliers in accordance with the terms of the purchase order.
  • NOTE: Suppliers must be able to generate CUP and SCC bar codes and produce labels that are compliant with Canadian regulations to export to Quebec and Ontario.

Shipping samples to Les 2 Raisins

Important :

  • Please only send us samples if we have requested them.  
  • You must use Fedex to ship the sample please, as only Fedex can manage the customs-related documentation for Les 2 Raisins.  
  • Fedex will provide instructions regarding the documentation to be included. Please attach a pro forma invoice for customs clearance detailing the name, colour, % alcohol and export price value of each sample.

Shipping address for samples via Fedex :

Les 2 Raisins
C/O Luc Lalonde
2, rue de La Comptine
Gatineau (Québec)
J8Z 2S8